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We believe leadership development is key to sustainable change in communities.

Our organization has been able to participate in various leadership trainings in Waco and other parts of the United States. We interact with ordinary people every day and recognize their potential to be change-agents right in their own community. We believe these trainings have significant value for the work that we do in the community but we also recognize that these trainings are not always available to a broad base of citizens. Grassroots Leadership Training program allows our organization to bring people together to provide facilitation and leadership development trainings and then stay with them as they develop strategies and an action plan for transformation within the schools and neighborhoods.


What is Grassroots Leadership Training?

Grassroots Leadership Training program (GLT) is a 3-6 weeks leadership development program that covers topics including relationships, leadership, culture, power, asset mapping, managing conflict, facilitation, collaboration and the importance of reflection and evaluation. It also encourages community stakeholders to participate in leadership and facilitation training to equip them to address issues that arise in their communities

Who will benefit from GLT?

Everyone! Whether you are brushing up on your leadership skills or are new to idea of yourself as a leader, GLT is for you. Currently, there are two versions of GLT: Family Engagement and Community Engagement. Family Engagement focuses on the partnership with families and staff in schools and Community Engagement focuses on developing leaders and partnerships within a broader community context. This program is continually being shaped to meet the needs of the parent leaders in the schools and community leader participants.

How can I learn more about GLT?

Call or email our community organizer Elise Jones at to learn more about this exciting program.