Students Bring Learning to Life through Student-Led Conferences

A couple of weeks ago all across the Alta Vista campus, students in Kindergarten through 5th grade sat down with their parents to share about their goals and their learning growth. This practice of student-led conferences takes a different approach to the traditional parent-teacher conference model by allowing the student to take ownership of their learning as they share their portfolio of work with their parents. After the conferences, Cynthia, a parent at Alta Vista, shared how, “it was a very new and exciting experience for both me and my daughter. I really enjoyed her explaining to me everything she did in the classroom and how she is actually able to understand the concepts and expectations that 2nd grade has for her!” Like Cynthia describes, student-led conferences offer parents a different perspective as their child brings to life their learning and understanding. Students at Alta Vista will have another opportunity at the end of the year to share their progress with their parents. We are excited to see how this campus wide practice encourages collaboration between students, parents, and educators to support student learning.


Submitted by: Elise Jones