By: Mike Stone

Grassroots Community Development is proud to announce a phase V of its highly successful roof repair program to help low-income families with repairing their roofs. In the rainy months, we receive calls from families with terrible roof problems. This fifth phase of our program hopes to address some of that need. Grassroots Community Development is finishing up the completion of 40+ roof repairs for families and is starting a Phase IV of these efforts. The services provided by Grassroots Community Development Corporation are made possible in part through a grant from the City of Waco. The program is free to low-income families that live in the City of Waco. We have enough funds to repair around 15 roofs. Our application process is open until we have expended our funds.

Here is the link to our Roof Repair form: FULL Roof app 1-14 with Lead Packet 15-33 V


As we are typically working on older homes. We want all of our families to be aware of the dangers of lead-based paint. Please read the following handout about the issues with lead-based paint in your home: