Utilizing the FDIC Money Smart Curriculum and the Building Wealth curriculum we offer two distinct classes, Financial Literacy and Homebuyer Education.


Financial Literacy – The Financial Literacy workshop is a program that was developed to help the participant navigate through the homebuying process. The program consists of six, 2-hour classes that cover a variety of topics such as managing daily and monthly expenses, saving for emergencies, how to establish and improve credit ratings, and taking care of home investments. Information is also shared on how to identify the best loan products.


Homebuying – The Homebuying Education Workshop is designed to assist the future homeowner in navigating the path to homeownership. It also is an opportunity to begin utilizing the tools gained from the Financial Literacy training. One is not a prerequisite for the other, but highly recommended. This workshop is a one time, five-hour session. Participants learn firsthand from various professionals about information needed in order to purchase a home. Some of the speakers include housing counselors, lenders, realtors, home inspectors, home insurance, as well as estate planning specialist.