Story of a Homeowner

Claude Harris is a mature African American man who works at our local VA.  […]

Save the Date

Save the Date for this year’s 16th Annual Golf Scramble!



Commitment. This word can be used to describe a family from One Hope Church […]

Covid-19 Health Information

Please see the following map for Covid-19 Health Information:



Test Driving a new ramp and the crew that made it happen.

Click here for the video.

Thank you Bounce volunteers and our local businesses that made this happen.

Submitted by: Mike Stone
We want to say a special thank you for all of […]

A Celebration of Children

This year, on April 30th, Brook Avenue Elementary will host a family event to celebrate El Día del Niño. There will be lots of fun activities to celebrate the laughter, joy, and other contributions that children bring into our lives. But, equally as important, the event itself is a testament to the way parent voices are also being celebrated at Brook Avenue.

Student-Led Conferences

Students Bring Learning to Life through Student-Led Conferences

A couple of weeks ago all across […]

Grassroots Teen Leadership – Our FutureLeaders

The Grassroots Teen Leadership (GTL) program is well under way at Waco High School […]

Peoples Law School

Thank you Baylor Law and all of the sponsors for hosting an event to […]