Committed to a brighter future for children, neighbors and communities.

We consider a healthy neighborhood to be one that is safe, clean, and diverse; one in which it makes economic sense for people to invest and one where neighbors manage change successfully.

We consider a healthy neighborhood to be one that is safe, clean, and diverse; one in which it makes economic sense for people to invest and one where neighbors manage change successfully.

What a Gift

Grassroots has a long-term vision for investing in North Waco and because of that perspective, we get to know a lot of our neighbors. This relationship building helps when we are looking for lots to build new houses on in the older neighborhoods of Waco.

We first met Ms. Dodd’s mom about 20 years ago when we approached her about buying her empty lot. She wasn’t interested in selling at the time, but she was interested in what else Grassroots was doing in her community. One of the programs she took notice of was our homeownership program that seeks to help those wanting to purchase a home. She passed that information on to her daughter, Ms. Dodd, who was motivated to get into a house of her own that she could call home.

After completing our homeownership program, Ms. Dodd purchased a home in North Waco and currently resides at that residence. As the years passed along, her mother passed away but we kept in contact with Ms. Dodd. She came to us earlier this year to learn about property taxes and we inquired again about the family lot.  She finally decided that the time was right to sell. What a gift.

Now, the price of the lot has gone way up in the past 20 years.  In fact, the price for lots is 30 times higher today.  Fortunately, we have other community members that support our vision and mission in these neighborhoods and help contribute to the purchasing of empty lots. Earlier this year, the Thomas family came to us with a sizable donation and told us to use it to buy land and help make a home more affordable. So earlier this fall we were able to buy the lot from Ms. Dodd. Another gift.

We were blessed to be the recipients of these gifts, knowing that the true blessing would be building a house on this lot and providing a home to a family in the community.

But the story continues. Ms. Dodd reached out to us after the purchase of her lot and told me how excited she was. “I am happy to know that the lot will be used to build a home for a family in your program and that I was able to contribute to that. I’m sure my mom would have been happy about that also. And now I am able to repair my house that has needed some attention.”  A final gift.

We are so excited to help bring another new home into North Waco, help another renter become a homeowner and help an existing homeowner afford to make repairs to her home. These are the stories that keep us going and allow us to continue the work we are doing in North Waco.

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Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development3 days ago

More details are below - please reach out to Grassroots for any questions or interest!
Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development4 days ago
⭐ New Blog Post ⭐

"A partnership between Transformation Waco and Grassroots has helped us advance in our mission of commitment to a brighter future for children, neighbors, and communities.

Parent University got its official start in January at Alta Vista Elementary School. This program is focused on providing the parents and caregivers of students in TW campuses an opportunity to learn more about ideas, topics, or themes they’re interested in at no cost to the family."

To learn more about this program and continue reading about its impact on the community, read out latest blog post!
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Grassroots Community Development7 days ago
We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the support we received from our community + friends at Rooted 2024! We could not do what we do here at Grassroots without you 💚
Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development2 weeks ago
Final Free Food Distribution coming up on May 13!

Join Calvary Baptist Church on May 13th from 5:30-7:30pm in their church parking lot to receive free food. All of your information is confidential, and if you have an ID please bring it with you to the pick-up. You can still receive food without an ID. No sign-up is necessary!
Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development2 weeks ago
Thank you for supporting us with our Rooted Banquet!
Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development2 weeks ago
A fun time with good food!

We had a wonderful turnout for the April PACTT meeting at Brook Avenue Elementary Thank you to Waco Family Medicine staff who came and shared how to sign up for telehealth and how parents can access their services. We are grateful for the access WFM provides in the Waco community. Another big thank you to Nurse Stacey from Alta Vista Elementary School who took some time to share with families what the role of the nurse is on campus and how parents can take advantage of their great care. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and care with us Nurse Stacey. We are grateful to Pastor Fu & Son BBQ -Relief Kitchen and their delicious new brisket burger recipe that they cooked for us. Their purpose is to serve families affected by natural disasters and we are grateful for the work they do across the country. Lastly, we want to thank all of the wonderful families who joined us that day. We are grateful for their presence and participation throughout the evening.

We invite all Brook Avenue families to the final PACTT meeting in the cafeteria on May 16th from 5 to 6:30 p.m. We will celebrate the year and make some fun family summer plans. There will be games and a raffle for some gift cards; you do not want to miss it! On May 16th, we will also enjoy a delicious meal provided by Greater Christian Tabernacle Church - Waco. For more information or to register, please reach out to Sarai at or Mrs. Michael at

¡Un rato divertido con comida rica!
¡Tuvimos una participación maravillosa en la reunión de PACTT de abril en Brook Avenue Elementary! Gracias al personal de Waco Familty Medicine que vino y compartió cómo inscribirse en la salud via telecomunicación y cómo los padres pueden acceder a sus servicios. Estamos agradecidos por el acceso que WFM brinda en la comunidad de Waco. Otro gran agradecimiento a la enfermera Stacey de Alta Vista Elementary que se tomó un tiempo para compartir con las familias cuál es el papel de la enfermera en el campus y cómo los padres pueden aprovechar su gran atención. Gracias por compartir su conocimiento y cuidado con nosotros, enfermera Stacey. Estamos agradecidos con Pastor Fu & Son BBQ - Relief Kitchen y su nueva y deliciosa receta de hamburguesa de brisket para nosotros. Su propósito es servir a las familias afectadas por desastres naturales y estamos agradecidos por el trabajo que realizan en todo el país.
Por último, queremos agradecer a todas las maravillosas familias que nos acompañaron ese día. Agradecemos su presencia y participación durante todas la presentaciones.

Invitamos a todas las familias de Brook Avenue a la reunión final de PACTT en la cafetería el 16 de mayo de 5 a 6:30 p.m. Celebraremos el año y haremos algunos planes divertidos de verano en familia. Habrá juegos y una rifa de algunas tarjetas de regalo; ¡No querrás perdértelo! El 16 de mayo, también disfrutaremos de una deliciosa comida proporcionada por la Iglesia Greater Christian Tabernacle Church - Waco. Para obtener más información o para registrarse, comuníquese con Sarai en o con Mrs. Michael en