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We consider a healthy neighborhood to be one that is safe, clean, and diverse; one in which it makes economic sense for people to invest and one where neighbors manage change successfully.

We consider a healthy neighborhood to be one that is safe, clean, and diverse; one in which it makes economic sense for people to invest and one where neighbors manage change successfully.

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity theft happens when someone uses your personal or financial information without your permission. It can damage your credit status and cost you time and money.

Warning signs of identity theft

You may not know that you experienced ID theft immediately. Beware of: 

  • Bills for items you did not buy. Debt collection calls for accounts you did not open.
  • Information on your credit report for accounts you did not open. Denials of loan applications.
  • Mail stops coming to, or is missing from, your mailbox.

How identity theft happens

There are several ways that scammers can steal your identity, including in person, online, through social media, and by phone. Scammers may:

Steal your wallet or purse to get ID, credit, or bank cards.  Go through your trash to retrieve bank statements or tax documents. Install skimmers at ATM machines, cash registers, and fuel pumps to digitally steal information from your bank card.  Get personal information from your phone when you use public Wi-Fi.  Use “phishing” to get information from you through fraudulent email, texts, or phone calls.  Look through your social media accounts to find identifying information in posts or photos. Or they may ask you for personal information in online quizzes and surveys.

How to protect yourself from identity theft

Do not answer phone calls, texts, social media messages, or email from numbers or people you do not know.  Do not share personal information like your bank account number, Social Security number, or date of birth.  Collect your mail every day and place a hold on your mail when you are on vacation or away from your home.  Review credit card and bank account statements. Watch for and report unauthorized or suspicious transactions.  Understand how ATM skimming works and how to protect yourself.  Learn when it is safe to use a public Wi-Fi network.  Store personal information, including your Social Security card, in a safe place. Do not carry it in your wallet.  Learn other ways to protect yourself and your credit from ID theft.  And find out how to protect your child’s information from identity theft.

Criminals use many techniques to try to trick you into giving them personal information, including:

 Phishing: criminals trick you into giving them information, often through email

 Vishing: phishing by phone

 Smishing: phishing by text

 Spear phishing: targeted form of phishing in which criminals try to trick groups of people that have something in common.

 Pharming: criminals trick you by setting up fake websites that appear legitimate.

 Skimming: criminals steal your credit or debit card number

 Know and Exercise Your Other Rights

You have other federal rights related to identity theft. See for more details. In many states, businesses or organizations that lose or misplace certain types of personal information must tell you if that has happened. To learn more, go to and search for “data breach your-state-name” (for example, if you lived in Texas, type “data breach Texas”)

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Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development5 days ago
"One of the things I often hear, from those who have grown up in Waco and those who are still relatively new—is how neighborly our neighborhoods are. Today, on National Good Neighbor Day, let’s celebrate one of the things that makes Waco such a special place to live!"

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Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the unique voices and experiences of Hispanic/Latino Americans and recognize their history, journeys, and achievements. Take a look at some of the programming going on around Waco and immerse yourself in the community!
Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development2 weeks ago
Our Annual Charity Golf Scramble is just 4 weeks away. Join us for a day of golfing, good food, and fun at Cottonwood Creek Golf Course!

Thursday, October 19th
Check-in & Lunch at 11:30am
Tee off at 1:00pm

For more information call Mike Stone at (254) 235-7358 ext. 206 or get the registration form at
Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development2 weeks ago
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Grassroots Community Development2 weeks ago
We are now accepting applications for our Roof Repair Program for City of Waco residents. The open enrollment and application process goes through Thursday, November 2nd.

The services provided are supported through a grant from the City of Waco. This program is at no cost to low-income families who live in the City of Waco limits and meet the application qualifications.

You can learn more and download an application at

You may also stop by our office to pick up an application at 1624 Colcord Ave, Monday- Friday 8-5pm

For more information, please call Project Manager Brian at 254-235-7358 ext 210.
Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development2 weeks ago
“Always look at the opportunities and possibilities in a situation,” Daysi, founder and owner of 25th Street Furniture Store, shared. Daysi started in 2013 with a dream of serving the North Waco community and providing a service that betters the lives of her neighbors. With a laptop and an innovative mind, Daysi started a money transfer business that served the community and brought ease to many of her customers. Ten years later, Daysi was able to lean into that innovative spirit, grow her knowledge about running a business, and ultimately build her business into a furniture store that is for the community. “I never turn down a request,” Daysi shared, “I may need to think creatively with the customer, and we brainstorm how to make their request a reality, but I always work to say yes to an opportunity to do something new.”

Today, 25th Street Furniture provides affordable furniture with unique designs and capabilities. 25th Street Furniture prides itself on being a place for the community. When you walk into the store and engage with Daysi and her team, they get to know your preferences and needs so that every conversation and purchase is tailored to the individual customer. Daysi gives back to the community through 25th Street Furniture and her involvement with the Hispanic Chamber. She is a big advocate for business owners being connected and learning from each other.

25th Street Furniture is located at 1108 N. 25th St. and open at 10 am on weekdays. Daysi and her team are available and ready to support the Waco community with their furniture needs. Daysi shares with the community, “It is important to see situations as learning experiences. Strive to look towards the solution and learn something from the situation.”

Take the time to get to know the local businesses in North Waco and visit Daysi and her team on 25th street!