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We consider a healthy neighborhood to be one that is safe, clean, and diverse; one in which it makes economic sense for people to invest and one where neighbors manage change successfully.

We consider a healthy neighborhood to be one that is safe, clean, and diverse; one in which it makes economic sense for people to invest and one where neighbors manage change successfully.

For New Homeowners


For new homeowners, buying a home is a big accomplishment. However, you need to keep in mind that it’s only the beginning. To keep your home in great shape for years to come, you’ll need to deal with the biggest threat: the weather. Are you wondering how you can protect your home against this natural enemy? Of course, you can’t control the weather conditions, but there is a lot you can do to prevent possible damage and minimize it when it occurs. 

There are many things you can do to keep your utility costs low and your home structure safe—and most of them don’t even require professional skills. Check out our list of the best ways to protect your home from the weather, save on your bills, and be eco-conscious to preserve the environment. 

This is a general piece of advice to make sure the walls of your home, the surfaces that mother nature affects most, are in good condition. The walls of a house, both old and new, have a very important function. 

The outside surface of your home must be waterproof and to repel the weather. Luckily, it is obvious enough when the outside of the house has lots of cracks, the walls are covered in moss, there is loose rendering, or there are bald spots where pebbledash used to be. These are all signs that the house is probably going to let water in, meaning that it is no longer waterproof or weatherproof. 


Whether you live in a warm region of the country or a cold one, insulating your attic is one of the best things you can do to keep cooling and heating costs down. Every fall and spring, check to make sure there aren’t any gaps or cracks allowing outside air in (or inside air out). 

Summer or winter, one thing is sure – the temperature outside doesn’t match the temperature inside your home, so unless you have weatherproofed windows, and your house is properly sealed, the weather conditions have a great chance of affecting the inside. 

A leaky house can influence the consumption of your air and heating system, which leads to higher utility bills and environmental stress. Taking a few simple, inexpensive steps can lower your utility bills and help save the planet. 

Basement and attic insulation is not cheap, but it will also give you the biggest return on investment because huge amounts of heat can be lost through under-insulated crawl spaces, basements, and attics. 

If you have a cellar, it is probably prone to condensation, mold, dampness, algae, and flooding since it’s underneath the ground. The space also needs to be ventilated, but make sure the ventilation outlet or shaft does not allow water to get into the room during rainfall. There are many ways to damp-proof a basement; the most common one is known as “tanking” and includes the application of a durable waterproof material to the walls. 

If you have old windows, you need to check that they are in good condition and correctly closed all around your house. Storm windows offer an additional layer of protection against the cold air. Caulking around old windows can also work wonders. 

Door draft stoppers 

You can either buy a door draft stopper or even make one yourself. Put them along your outside doors to help keep away cold winter air that may come from underneath. 

Buy a water heater insulating blanket 

Insulating your water heater helps save energy by reducing the heat that gets lost through the sides of the water heater by 25-40%. 

Get a programmable thermostat 

Getting a programmable thermostat that automates indoor temperature and can save about $200 in annual cooling and heating costs. Choose between a unit with remote access (smart home technology) or without it. If you’re replacing an old thermostat, you can do it yourself; but if you’re putting in a whole new system, you will want to hire a pro. 

Weatherstrip the house 

Sealing gaps around windows and doors can make your house feel warmer and save you 10-15% on energy bills. Modern doors use weatherstripping that fits into the door casing. If your door is set up this way, then you only need to push the cut strips into the groove around the door casing. If you have an old door system, then you will have to get the self-adhesive foam weatherstripping and fit it into the area around your door. 

-Darrell Abercrombie

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Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development5 days ago
"One of the things I often hear, from those who have grown up in Waco and those who are still relatively new—is how neighborly our neighborhoods are. Today, on National Good Neighbor Day, let’s celebrate one of the things that makes Waco such a special place to live!"

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Grassroots Community Development1 week ago
Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the unique voices and experiences of Hispanic/Latino Americans and recognize their history, journeys, and achievements. Take a look at some of the programming going on around Waco and immerse yourself in the community!
Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development2 weeks ago
Our Annual Charity Golf Scramble is just 4 weeks away. Join us for a day of golfing, good food, and fun at Cottonwood Creek Golf Course!

Thursday, October 19th
Check-in & Lunch at 11:30am
Tee off at 1:00pm

For more information call Mike Stone at (254) 235-7358 ext. 206 or get the registration form at
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Grassroots Community Development2 weeks ago
We are now accepting applications for our Roof Repair Program for City of Waco residents. The open enrollment and application process goes through Thursday, November 2nd.

The services provided are supported through a grant from the City of Waco. This program is at no cost to low-income families who live in the City of Waco limits and meet the application qualifications.

You can learn more and download an application at

You may also stop by our office to pick up an application at 1624 Colcord Ave, Monday- Friday 8-5pm

For more information, please call Project Manager Brian at 254-235-7358 ext 210.
Grassroots Community Development
Grassroots Community Development2 weeks ago
“Always look at the opportunities and possibilities in a situation,” Daysi, founder and owner of 25th Street Furniture Store, shared. Daysi started in 2013 with a dream of serving the North Waco community and providing a service that betters the lives of her neighbors. With a laptop and an innovative mind, Daysi started a money transfer business that served the community and brought ease to many of her customers. Ten years later, Daysi was able to lean into that innovative spirit, grow her knowledge about running a business, and ultimately build her business into a furniture store that is for the community. “I never turn down a request,” Daysi shared, “I may need to think creatively with the customer, and we brainstorm how to make their request a reality, but I always work to say yes to an opportunity to do something new.”

Today, 25th Street Furniture provides affordable furniture with unique designs and capabilities. 25th Street Furniture prides itself on being a place for the community. When you walk into the store and engage with Daysi and her team, they get to know your preferences and needs so that every conversation and purchase is tailored to the individual customer. Daysi gives back to the community through 25th Street Furniture and her involvement with the Hispanic Chamber. She is a big advocate for business owners being connected and learning from each other.

25th Street Furniture is located at 1108 N. 25th St. and open at 10 am on weekdays. Daysi and her team are available and ready to support the Waco community with their furniture needs. Daysi shares with the community, “It is important to see situations as learning experiences. Strive to look towards the solution and learn something from the situation.”

Take the time to get to know the local businesses in North Waco and visit Daysi and her team on 25th street!