If you drive down North 25th Street, it doesn’t take you long to recognize the specific culture that exists along the corridor. Small businesses like El Pollo del Rey, Casa Bonita, Yasmeen’s Boutique, 25th Street Plaza, Tortillera Bustos, and La Nueva Michoacana just to name a few line the corridor and accentuate the Latino culture that dominates the area. But it’s not the name of the stores or the products or services you’re able to get from them that highlight the Latino culture along the corridor, it’s the people. It’s the entrepreneurs working hard to make their businesses a success. It’s the business leaders along the corridor who want to see the area improve and work hard to see that happen. It’s the sense of community as people help each other out and work together to make 25th Street a thriving business district and retail destination in Waco. We invite you to come and experience what our friends and neighbors are doing along 25th Street for yourself.