by: Josh Caballero

El Día del Niño or Day of the Child is an annual celebration recognized in several countries throughout the world which seeks to honor and celebrate children. This holiday is especially recognized in Mexico and other Latin countries. In Mexico, the holiday is celebrated on April 30th each year and schools, museums, parks, malls, and other businesses do special things to make children feel special.

A few months ago, we were able to conduct our Grassroots Leadership Training (GLT) with family members at Brook Avenue Elementary. Valuing the cultures of one another is one of the topics we discuss in our training and during this conversation, we discussed the significance of El Día del Niño in the Hispanic Culture. Our training always ends with graduates developing an action plan they would like to implement on their campus and this year, one of the action items our graduates at Brook Ave decided to implement was a Día del Niño celebration. They took the idea to school administration and now a group of at least 17 parents are working together in partnership with school staff to plan an event to celebrate all of the children at Brook Avenue Elementary.

This year, on April 30th, Brook Avenue Elementary will host a family event to celebrate El Día del Niño. There will be lots of fun activities to celebrate the laughter, joy, and other contributions that children bring into our lives. But, equally as important, the event itself is a testament to the way parent voices are also being celebrated at Brook Avenue.