Since our beginning, we have concentrated on helping people at the grassroots level by helping families make their schools stronger, counseling and assisting families to become homeowners,  revitalizing our neighborhoods by building new homes and connecting service groups to repair existing homes, and by teaching community leadership classes.

Because of our grassroots efforts throughout Waco, we changed our name to Grassroots Community Development.  Our revised mission statement better reflects what we value in our community and where we focus our efforts and reads “We are committed to a brighter future for children, neighbors and communities.”  We continue to expand our efforts.  Thanks to a generous grant from the Cooper Foundation and our continued support from the Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation, we added a Community Organizer for South Waco.  We are fully engaged in North Waco, East Waco and South Waco.  Community support to us is vital.  We trust this Annual Report will reflect the great work being accomplished by Grassroots Community Development due to your support.

– Mike Stone, Executive Director

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